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Kitting out your Fishing Ski for the Season ahead

By Brendan Nolan
1st Sep 2012

A brief overview of the essentials for your fishing kayak

Kitting out your fishing ski for the season ahead. This topic can really not be covered enough with so many extras and individuals preferences and secret tips. Therefore what we are doing in this is issue is brief overview. This will help new guys to the sport in the choices when getting started, and also maybe add some extra accessories to the old hands arsenals. Further to this we will then expand on a number of these topics over the next few issues. So this article should get you going and then watch out for more in depth coverage over the next year. A fishing ski is one of the easiest, quickest and most cost effective ways of getting behind backline for a fishing session. However being convenient, light and small compared to other craft does mean that space is limited. The flip side to this is that you pack smart and become a more efficient angler. And that is the key to kayak angling. Efficiency. Being organised and neat will make your life on the water a whole lot easier and leave you with more fishing time than faffing time. Let's start this in order of importance. Paddle without it you are going nowhere. Some good paddles include. Paddles come in two basic types, wing blade or flat blade. The flat blade is a good choice for beginners as it is better in the surf zone and a wing blade is better for advanced paddlers as less effort is required to gain more speed. Paddles also come in two different materials which are Carbon Epoxy and Fibreglass. Carbon Epoxy paddles are lighter and stronger and essential for extended paddling sessions. I know which one I prefer! Also remember when you are out at sea you must attach a paddle leash in case you accidently drop your paddle. Extreme care should be taken if you decide to use a Paddle Leash in the surf zone as you don’t want to be tethered to your kayak if you get knocked off your kayak. FOR THE FULL ARTICLE SEE SEPT OCT ISSUE OF GO FISH

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