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Jet Ski Trouble Shooting

By Jordan O Keeffe
1st May 2012

Returning to the Beach

Jet Ski Tech Tips In the last issue of Go Fish we went over some pre-launching procedures to ensure you pushed off prepared and confident. As a follow up lets presume that your day’s outing is done and it’s time to head back, here are some top tips coming back in to beach, loading up and heading home to clean up. Make sure your equipment is either stowed away, fastened down and secure. Now that you’re “locked and loaded” ride to the backline and choose a swell. If the surf is big and gnarly take the time to read the swell/waves to get your timing right. Let’s rock n’ roll! Hang on and hold tight things are about to get exciting! Ride behind the swell you chose keeping a safe distance as not to ride down it, follow it all the way in, being aware of what wave might be lurking behind you and other craft trying to launch in front of you. Now that you’ve followed the wave all the way in, get ready to beach. Beaching If you can beach off the same wave you rode in on then score, but waiting for another that is going to give you a decent size wash is just as good. Hang back, wait for the wash and then grab a handful. The higher you can skate your ski up the better, this makes loading up easier and faster. It also prevents the ski from getting damaged from the constant pounding of the shore break or rubbing up against your buddy’s ski. However attempting to skate it up high can often come at a price and it is usually your pride. I’ve seen too many guys pinning it up at a million miles per hour only to hit the bank allowing the pump to bite into the sand, stopping the ski instantly and throwing them over the bars ass over kettle, much to their fishing buddy’s delight and laughter – Hero to Zero. This puts a huge amount of wear on the impeller, killing your performance for your next launch. The trick is to find the right combination of speed, depth and timing. Accelerate from further back so you can switch off sooner and let momentum skate you up. Remember to kill the motor before you hit the sand. Loading up Fetch the vehicle and line up the trailer, for the unlucky buggers out there with felt runners and a hand winch my best advice to you is to gather a group of people 6 or more, evenly space them around the ski and pick her up and push her on. This is easier than it sounds and saves a lot of time and struggle. Call Racetech today to upgrade to and electric winch or roller runners. Strap the ski down tight, the best investment for any jet ski owner out there is to buy a full set of Stainless steel ratchet tie downs, These baby’s will see you well for many years. Remove the drain plugs and monitor the amount of water that comes out, if it seems excessive phone us at Racetech. Bare in mind that your ski will take on water during surf launches and from water coming up and over the bow. Before driving off make sure your lanyard is put away or strapped to the bars, the seats are clipped on and the break neck pin and R-clip is fitted Heading Home Once home it is imperative that you wash over and flush your ski. A large amount of beach sand will be washed out and dropped onto the floor, to make sure you are granted permission to fish next weekend try do this away from where the wife can see. For a detailed flushing and post-op procedure head to the Racetech Yamaha or Go fish website where you can find the Sept/Oct 2011 issue with an in-depth Post-Op maintenance article. Follow this procedure the best you can to ensure the longevity of your ski. For the best advice and any other queries you get no better than my team at Racetech Yamaha. Feel free to contact us, we will be glad to help you out.

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